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How do I store?

QSM’s are stored at room temperature, keep them in your lunch bag or gym bag, in your desk at work, in the car or a cupboard at home. Where ever you might need them, never get caught out with out a nutritious meal again

How do I prepare

Just follow the instructions on the label, or read our 'How to Make' page

What if there is no kettle

A good thermos like a twin wall TherMax will keep water at sufficient temperature for 8 hours, or a microwave

How long do they keep

Kept out of direct sun light as per instructions on tub,QSM’s have a 12 month shelf life

What options are there

At this moment there are 6 savoury balance flavours, 2 savoury recovery flavours, and 4 breakfast flavours.

Where do the Omega come from

The omega’s are from a fish source (but no taste of fish) they are especially encapsulated technology to maintain value for this application. The source is from cold water sustainable fish stocks.

Why digestive enzymes

These are added to help optimise the absorption of the nutrients and come from natural sources. This specific blend has been formulated to aid the assimilation of protein and carbohydrates for peak uptake