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Our History

mainlogo evolution began as a solution provider working with a number of performance nutritionists, providing cross over and convergence solutions for professional sports squads between food and supplements.

As sports science has evolved over the past few decades and athletic performance has increased, a number of different trends have been followed in the field of human performance. From high carbohydrate loading programs in the 70’s and 80’s, through to high protein diets, often low carb. The fat hysteria and negative health claims often lead towards a view that healthy eating required a diet of bland and tasteless foods and lead to a very supplement focussed regime and to the popularity of these products.

sailingsmallWhilst there are many valid supplements out there and they defiantly have a place in the athlete’s arsenal, it is now accepted that whilst they give a supplemental boost to athlete’s diet they are exactly that, supplemental. While all athletes are on a diet, only the athletes with a good diet really experience the benefits of these supplements.

The creation of good diet with a supporting supplement regimes leads to optimum results. Beyond this research has established that is the timing and macro nutrient partitions at these of these time specific nutrient loads lead to significant increases of performance, recovery and growth, enhanced by the co-factors such as fibre, fat micro nutrients, often best derived from whole food.

darrellSport Kitchen worked for a number years with performance nutritionists, converging great tasting healthy whole food solutions and supplements for optimised performance. Such as foods fortified with protein without increasing the fat content and adding phyto-nutrients such as greens to drinks for athletes who were deficient in these areas’. Whilst focussing on health and bio availability of ingredients by selecting the correct processing (if necessary), creating great tasting food in an easy and convenient delivery form.

As the importance of a complete dietary cycle (nutrient timed) became widely recognised as the key to overall health and performance for athletes, Sport Kitchen became involved in two strategic programs that than merged together. Working with young professional athletes entering a pro club environment with poor nutritional practice (basically on a fast food diet), the need for transition to eating healthy whole food became apparent. Not an easy transition and something that would take time. Sport kitchen developed a path of convergence via familiar foods, to transfer these athletes over a six week period to a clean pallet and taste for good food.

The other program was one of delivering whole food meals with a specific nutrient partition as part of the recovery cycle in the post event environment, became loaded with issues primarily with regard to food safety in terms of storage and heating.

Our primary approach in developing solutions were;

  1. Food must taste and look good, be familiar to the athlete and natural and satisfying
  2. Must contain lean protein
  3. Low in sugar and processed carbohydrates
  4. Prioritize good fats over bad
  5. Must nutrient dense without excessive Kcal
  6. Focus on natural ingredients and if processed it must be so as not to damage nutrients
  7. If required, must include carbs in the right ratio for the timing zone

The two programs merged together and after a number of years of R&D and lab testing this lead the to the release our premier line of balanced meals into the pro sport market for seeding in 2010. This created a whole new category in sports nutrition the ‘QSM’ or Quick Sport Meal. A familiar food with popular taste profiles for all taste’s that is shelf stable and has all the co-factor benefits of whole food and feeling of complete nourishment.team1

QSM’s have been widely accepted as they are familiar to most people and our widely used by a wide range of people, not just athletes. QSM’s have the widest range of flavours and most of all taste great and leave you feeling satisfied from a surprisingly small nutrient dense meal.

Where a meat is the protein source this is lean source, and the protein comes from that source. Our vegetarian option includes a balanced variety of plant sources delivering unique high protein content with a complete amino acid profile.

We do not use processed sugars (just naturally occurring) and only use as low a GI source of carbohydrates as possible. We don’t use any artificial flavours or colours or other nasties..

Only naturally occurring fats are present (with our focus on good fats), healthy Omega’s are even added to some products.

The meats are processed so as to maintain the nutrients value using a method pioneered by the Aztecs and developed by NASA for the space program. All the spices and fruits are either air dried or freeze dried leaving all the micro nutrient and phyto nutrients intact.

QSM’s and our family of products support ease of use and access to good balanced nutrition throughout an athlete’s nutrient cycle using balanced ratio’s of macro nutrients, as in balanced meals or recovery meals. Giving athletes a no excuse access to food to fit their nutrient partition and trimming requirements. Whether at an event, travelling or between session whether for energy loading, recovery or repair/growth, just an easy solution for their busy schedules. This convenience has been embraced by many keen amateur sports men and women, weekend warriors and the health conscious alike, whose lives can be equally demanding juggling work and other commitments and a busy schedule.

 The co-factors of whole food and the synergistic effect macro and micro nutrients delivered by nature help us with many ways throughout our nutrient cycle, form immune response through glycogen uptake and protein assimilation to hormonal response. Some Sport Kitchen products are enhanced with natural digestive enzymes to increase assimilation. Leading increased energy and performance, quicker recovery, enhanced repair and growth, reduced risk of injury, greater health and well being and improved cognitive function.

As our range of products increases our ethos remains the same, as close to nature as possible coming from whole food base with added functionality and ease of use. Offering proactive solutions to optimise your energy phase (often called loading), recovery phase (often called anabolic) and repair phase (often called growth) helping you to eat well and play hard and enjoy your food.

For further information on the value of nutrient timing ref: